How to make nails glamorous - The best tips for longer,stronger nails

By Healthy beauty by sauleha choudhary - December 31, 2018

How to make nails glamorous

How to make nails glamours. how to care your nail by naturally…. maintain a diet, having a good amount of vitamin a and c and other important things for healthy nails. make nails glamours is not that easy; like clothing. If your nails look beautiful then you look smart now to make nails glamorous.

Naturally, nails grow from 0.3 to 1.millimeter and they grow faster in summer weather as compare to winter season...if we don’t balance our diet then we see bad effects on our health and nails. How to make nails glamorous

How to make nails glamorous

One stroke rose nails.

  • Well, the nail art of distillate design is inspired me a lot so I am going to show you how to apply it.
  • First I applied this superb and very dark purple color nail polish from any nail polish which you like most.
  • And rest of a nail we applied the very glittery polish from shimmer polish
  • I apply some over the edge of my nail and make a gradient to get melted effects.
  • Since it’s very easy to make a one-stroke on mats polish.
  • I mattified my other nails
  • With my one stroke brush half purple and half white
  • I make a gradient on foil paper.
  • And now I am going to draw a closed rose.
  • I draw two semicircles starting with the lightest color here the white inside
  • So I draw two circle face to face or slightly
  • And each step you have to apply two layers of paint.
How to make nails glamorous

Thyroid person nail care tips:

If your hands and feet have so much cold? Then you have an underactive thyroid, due to in balance in blood circulation or iron deficiency. So it’s very important to check your thyroid level regularly. If you have hypothyroidism then taking a low dose of thyroid hormone for proper medical advice. It can prevent the rupture of nails.

How to make nails glamorous

Straight lines on Nail

If you have improper nails then it’s because of lack of iron, zinc, and protein…to balance the iron deficiency drink 100grams of coriander leafs fresh juice. It’s very important regularly take salad and vegetable and lemon juice in top priority. You should have this vegetable for high for increased your iron capacity in your body for having more veggies like green leafy vegetables, eggs, pulses, sprouts, almonds, and nut. And also take calcium and protein at the same time. take less amount of fat. How to make nails glamorous

Problems of Hanging Nails 

When the skin is dry around your nails. It's due to a lack of vitamin C and folic acid of the protein.

How to make nails glamorous

White spots on nails.

If you have white spots on nails it’s because of lack of zinc and vitamin d. for the balance of this problem you should eat veggies and other zinc food like jawar and millet in your diet. How to make nails glamorous

Slow growth of nails.     

white spot problem is arising when you consumed lack amount of protein and vitamin A. a nail grows slowly when you taking medicine or allopathic. It also happens when you having a mental stress sickness or low calories diet. If you taking low calories diet then its reduce the amount of protein and Zinc in your body. This is creating a problem in for development of nails.

How to make nails glamorous

Bad nail art

You do not use any poor quality brand nail polish if you're having yellowing nails it's because when you drinking and smoking and if the nails are light blue then it’s because of shortness of breath. the color of the fingernails is white so it can be the cause of anemia

Frying on nail

  When you use an extra amount of remover and sharp detergent comes with nails furrows. it’s not because when you're taking a low amount of protein it's not the reasons for not reaching the roots of blood nails in the absence of protein the body supply the protein to other parts of the body nails and hair because nail and hair made by protein so it can be caused very fast.

How to make nails glamorous

Take care of your diet

include protein in your diet is very important to take yellow yolk of egg almonds cottage cheese and fish taking a combination of Sulfur with protein will strengthen your hair and nails. Sulfur is found in vitamin B, biotin, amino acids, methionine, and cytosine. All of them are found in rice, flour, eggs, etc. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink carrot juice daily. How to make nails glamorous

It's important to know about 10 things about Nails.

  • Today is easily nails are a break and dry. It’s caused when you regularly swimming and washing dishes. Nails are break when the reaction of nail polish remover
  • For the improvement of your nails, you need to eat this food regularly you have to take nutrition’s food, taking a high amount of vitamin A and C such as barriers and a green vegetable. Leafy vegetables like cauliflower carrot and also take biotin it helps to maintain strong nails. And also having chicken egg and beef its excellent source of iron. How to make nails glamorous
  • Once a week, you need to massage your nails regularly.
  • Don’t use a harsh quality product.

Care of your nails-How to make nails glamorous

  • Avoid to using very harsh and bad quality of nails polish.
  • Take care of your diet.
  • Keep your figure dry clean and moisturized.
  • Don’t use sharp quality of manicure scissors.
  • After using nails polish you need to apply a nail protector.
  • Always use a good moisturizer on your figure and hands.
  •  Take biotin after doctor suggestions.
  • Always trimmed your nail.
  • Always used organic nail polish.
How to make nails glamorous

How to make nails glamorous-Take care of Nails are very important today because of your beauty. And every woman wants to look beautiful in front of others because it’s express your confidence. So the nails are the part of our beauty so take care of your nails and enhance your beauty. Without taking care of your nails, you cannot improve your beauty. Always keep in your mind without nail care the person grooming is not complete. you cannot ignore your nail care at any cost.

 I hope you like my tips I hope you completely follow my tips and enhance your beauty every day.

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